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About Us









About Us

Founded in 1989 as a family based business, and bringing together the
varied talents of family and friends,
Accurate Acrylics
began with a few simple philosophies: to give 110% in providing service to our customers; to guarantee quality of design and timeliness of production; to always be easily available in time of crisis or just to give advice; a display should not be seen, only the product being displayed; ………….and a motto:

“Our ability is limited only by your imagination”    

Over the years we have successfully been of service to many companies large and small, and for most on an ongoing basis. Paper and Gift Distributors, Gas Companies,
Marketing Agencies, the Food and Beverage Industry, Builders and Contractors, are just a few of the types of businesses we call customers and friends. Our ability to handle orders large and small has made us an invaluable resource to all of our customers. A common remark is how refreshing and much easier it is to deal directly with the person involved in the production of their items – from prompt quotations to prototypes to fabrication and deadlines.  We are proud to say that many new customers are referred to us by existing customers, a gauge which tells us we are living up to our philosophies.

 Our Founder,
(and father),
John G. Walker

We hope you will allow us to prove our commitment and be of service to you.

Accurate Acrylics/Acclaim Design & Profiles Inc

435 Four Valley Drive
Unit 4
Concord, ON
L4K 5X5

Tel: 905-738-1183
Fax: 905-738-1184
Toll Free: 1-888-212-2090

Contact Persons:
Frank Timmermans or Ed Logan

Come visit our plant and view samples of the newest and standard materials, prototype examples, etc. Or just come to exchange sketches and ideas! In many cases we can do mock-ups or complete prototypes while you are here in just a short time.



Designers and manufacturers of displays
"Where our ability is limited only by your imagination"

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Accurate Acrylics
/Acclaim Design & Profiles Inc   
435 Four Valley Drive, Unit 4, Concord, ON, Canada L4K 5X5
Tel: 905-738-1183   Fax: 905-738-1184   Toll Free: 1-888-212-2090
Email: info@acclaimdesign.com

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