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Clear Acrylic Shelving

Acrylic shelving is made to order. Generally  
  up to 16" in depth and 48" in length, you
  control the sizes and lip height.
  Metal brackets are available in straight or  
  adjustable for slatwall or wall standards.



Custom Acrylic Shelving

  Custom acrylic shelving can be produced in a variety of shapes,  
  sizes and levels for just bout every type of product you need to
  display, (books, journals, stationary, mugs, etc.). No minimum
  quantifies and no exorbitant setup fees. Les us know what your
  requirements are and we will send you a quote.



Risers, Book Stands / Plate Stands

4"x4"x4", 4"x4"x2", 4"x4"x6"

6"x6"x6", 6"x6"x2", 6"x6"x4"
10"x10"x10" bin
12"x12"x12" bin


         Book Stands / Plate Stands
Large: 7.75"            Small: 4"


Designers and manufacturers of displays
"Where our ability is limited only by your imagination"


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