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"J" Series Greeting Card Displays
(Card Channels)

    Choose from one to four  
  tiers and any length up to 
  48". Mounting options include 
  slatwall, pegboard, screw
  holes or counter.

Ask us about "GE" series   
  displays for gift enclosures.


"CS" Series Greeting Card
Spinner Displays

    Quick and easy to assemble,
    CS spinners come in different
    sizes holding 24, 48, 56, 84
    and 112 card faces.

Black and white are standard.
    Other colours/wood grains
    also available.


"ST" Series Greeting Card Displays

  Standard and Custom designs to meet all of your  
  - wood veneer, melamine, varnished MDF or plywood, 
    laminates slatwall sides.
  - add storage cabinets and locking casters.
  - standard models in black or wh9ite hold 81, 108, 126,  
    135, 144, 162 & 196 facings.

Aside from displays we produce a wide range of items from machine guards to sneeze guards to window guards, sign holders to brochure holders, counter protective covers, bulk food bins, museum cases, promotional items. We’re even amazed sometimes at some of the things our customers have asked us to produce – fish tanks!



Designers and manufacturers of displays
"Where our ability is limited only by your imagination"

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